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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a holistic approach that aims to identify and address the underlying causes of disease Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on symptoms and anatomy, functional medicine takes a systems biology-based approach, examining the body as a whole to determine the root cause of illness. By looking at the big picture, functional medicine practitioners can provide more effective and personalized treatment plans for their patients.

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Functional Medicine Advanced Lab Testing

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Conventional vs Functional Medicine Labs

At Ready To HealWell HP, we strive to keep our clients' costs low by reviewing lab reports from other providers and only ordering tests when absolutely necessary. We have also made arrangements with lab companies to provide the lowest prices available and pass those savings on to our clients. With blood labs, we compare both the conventional medical range and the functional lab range, providing a detailed description to each client. This approach allows us to assess a great deal about the functional health and nutritional wellness of our clients beyond just looking for disease.


There are many health benefits that can occur with the correct diet, lifestyle changes, and a few key nutrients, supplements, or herbs and we are happy to advise accordingly. For clients desiring a more complete functional assessment, we include the appropriate laboratory testing based on the client’s current complaints. During the Report of Findings (ROF) visit, we will provide a full functional analysis based on the client’s history, exam, nutrition testing, & laboratory findings that will consider the WHOLE picture and best recommendations on how to move forward.

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Conditions treated successfully with Functional Medicine

Autoimmune disease * Chronic pain * Cancer * Cardiovascular disease * Depression *

Arthritis * Asthma * Fibromyalgia * Adrenal gland disorder * Diabetes * Allergies *

Hormonal imbalances * Inflammatory bowel disease * Alzheimer's disease * Inflammation *

Thyroid disease * Acid reflux * Anxiety * Bloating * Dermatitis * Headache * Hypertension *

Immune imbalances * Sleep * Weight Issues

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