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Holistic Health & Functional Medicine - why won't health insurers cover treatment?

The bottom-line is a loss of profit for shareholders and executives. Study after study shows that Americans are flocking to holistic health & functional medicine practitioners at the highest rates ever. Studies also show that alternative & complementary medicine is helping to improve and reverse many conditions that Western medicine has yet to show improvements in. So why the hesitation from health insurers? Outside of the money aspect, health insurance is a big business that pays well. Hospitals, doctor's offices, pharmacies, durable medical equipment companies, and many other providers benefit from health insurance. Our medical and insurance businesses depend on sick people. They also depend on these people returning for treatment over and over again. It's a revolving door that never stops spinning.

This is not a healthcare system. This is a sick-care system.

The costs for functional medicine and holistic health practitioners is not cheap, but the results speak for themselves. I like to state that functional medicine is the modern version holistic health, but there are major differences. Functional medicine is still rooted in science. An integration of both holistic health and functional medicine is necessary for optimal health. It's time for insurers to listen to the American people. The people who keep their shareholders and execs wealthy. It's time to create & support a system that makes people well - A WellCare System where people can truly HealWell.

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