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Joy & Laughter

If I were to use two words to describe my personality, they would be Joy & Laughter. I love, love, love, love to laugh. Laughter is a part of my health & healing arsenal. I believe there is joy to be found in the simplest of things - a phone call from a loved one, a walk outdoors, hearing my grandkids voices, dancing with my youngest adult daughter when she’s home from school, or listening to music. As someone whose blood pressure stays around 117/68, I believe joy & laughter are major contributors.

There are so many wonderful ways to promote healing within the body-mind-Spirit. Ways that aren’t highly promoted. Teaching people how to tap into the non-conventional methods of health & healing is my ultimate goal & my passion. Holistic health isn’t simply about holistic healing modalities, it’s about our connection to everything and how these connections affect us. As long as I have breath in my body, I will teach others how our connections help us heal. In the meantime, I pray for everyone to tap into the Joy within themselves.

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